IEEE Symposium on

Intelligent Agents

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Agents (IA 2018).

The manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format. Click Here to know further guidelines for submission.

The intersection between Computational Intelligence and Agent technology opens new significant opportunities in many fields where the representation and management of complex systems play a fundamental role. In the formulation of Agent-based systems, the role of uncertainty is crucial for an efficient and coherent resolution of complex problems. Agents overcome classical programs thanks to their inner capabilities to be autonomous and to adapt their behaviour with the changing of the environment where agents live and interact. This means that inevitably they meet uncertainty during their work, or in many cases, for the high complexity of the problem, the information they handle is (or needs to be) approximate.

IA 2018 will aim to provide a leading international forum to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields, such as computer science, information technology, business, education, human factors, systems engineering, and robotics. The symposium will aim to examine the design principles and performance characteristics of various approaches in intelligent agent technology. In addition, the symposium will aim to increase the cross-fertilization of ideas on the development of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems among different domains. By encouraging idea-sharing and discussions on the underlying logical, cognitive, physical, and sociological foundations as well as the enabling technologies of intelligent agents, IA 2018 will foster the development of novel paradigms and advanced solutions in agent-based computing.


The symposium will bring together researchers from both industry and academia from the various disciplines contributing to the area on intelligent agents. Such disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  •    Embedded and Robotic Agents
  •    Mobile Agents
  •    Autonomous Knowledge and Information Agents
  •    Agent Systems Modeling and Methodology
  •    Autonomous Auctions and Negotiation
  •    Agent-Based Marketplaces
  •    Agent-Based Distributed Data Mining
  •    Agents for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
  •    Agents for E-Commerce
  •    Agents for Dialogue Systems
  •    Environment-aware Agents
  •    Holonic Agents
  •    Semantic Web Agents
  •    Human Agent Interaction
  •    Agents for Smart Environments
  •    Middleware Agents
  •    Agent Interaction Protocols
  •    Multi-Agent Coordination Techniques
  •    Multi-Agent Autonomic Architectures
  •    Multi-Agent Planning and Re-Planning
  •    Social Interactions in Multi-Agent Systems
  •    Agents Applications

Symposium Co-Chairs

Hani Hagras

University of Essex, UK

Prof. Sabrina Senatore

University of Salerno, Italy

Program Committee

Shahram RahimSouthern Illinois University Engineering - Carbondale USA

Sikora RiyazUniversity of Texas - Arlington, TX

Marek ReformatUniversity of Alberta Canada

Mario G.C.A. CiminoUniversity of Pisa, Italy

Gangman YiDongguk University,

Ilias SakellariouUniversity of Macedonia Greece

B. B. GuptaNational Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, India

Giuseppe FenzaUniversity of Salerno, Italy

Chang-Shing LeeNational University of Tainan - Taiwan

Eric T. MatsonPurdue University, USA